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InTTrust was founded in 2006 as an IT Consulting, Technology and Digital solutions provider. During these 15 years, InTTrust has built a significant track record of Implementation and Support services, IT Managed Services, Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services, MSaaS (Monitoring and Support as a Service), BaaS (Backup as a Service), DSaaS (Databases Services as a Service), SAPaaS (SAP as a Service) Design and Implementation of Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud services. It is part of InTTrust’s capabilities to provide Application services that include Information Management, Application development, Engineering, Data and AI, Dynamic Infrastructures services to deploy and support customers’ infrastructure onsite, in the cloud or hybrid models, DBA services, Digital Transformation Solutions, Custom Applications Development, Multi-Cloud Integration, Cloud Governance & Security, IoT and ML/AI solutions. 

Our Services and Solutions development team consists of more than 100 highly experienced engineers with more than 300 Certifications on the latest technologies from leading ICT vendors ensuring the excellence of the solutions and services deployment. Globalization has given us the opportunity to expand around the globe. In order to serve better our clientele in Americas, InTTrust has founded “Metontec” located in Ontario, Canada. InTTrust wanting to implement Industry 4.0 innovative technological transformation in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, has founded ‘’Met4’’ aiming to deliver easy-to-use process plant information systems and software.

InTTrust is IBM Platinum Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and Oracle Gold Partner. We solidify long-lasting relationships with our customers helping them with efficient and reliable services and solutions. After all, we make enterprise IT Infrastructure simple and we deliver what we promise.

Revive your data. Predict the future by knowing the past.

AI, ML, IoT offerings by InTTrust

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